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Characters can help bridge the gap between hi-touch human communications and lower-fidelity chatbots, and can serve as a differentiated empathic persona for your brand. In addition, your members may be more willing* to self-disclose to characters than to other people!

What brand persona will you use for your organization?

* GM Lucas et al (2014). It’s only a computer: virtual humans increase willingness to disclose. Comput. Human Behav. 37, 94–100

  • Olivia


  • Angela


  • Alex


  • Sophia


  • Jack



There’s more to Conversation than the words we all use. Engage Sensely’s conversation design team and reap the benefits of more natural and lifelike conversational content that leverages advanced text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies.


The Sensely Software Development Kit enables you to incorporate the Sensely interface into your own existing mobile app or websites. Connect with your back end systems, such as claims or personal records.

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Choose one or more of the following popular content modules for access by your members. Language support and translation services are available in 32 different languages, making Sensely content perfect for your multi-geography deployments.

  • Symptom Assessment

    Symptom Assessment

  • Health Information

    Health Information

  • Wellness


  • Chronic Care

    Chronic Care

  • Extra Support

    Support for 14 chronic conditions is available, including CHF, COPD, Diabetes, and more!
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Your Content. The Sensely Interface. A Perfect Marriage.

The sky’s the limit. Sensely’s conversation design experts can turn your own content into interactive, engaging conversations, allowing you to use your assets in an entirely new way.

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