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July 26, 2021 | Insights

Podcast: Ivana Schnur: The Healing Contract

From UCSF Rosenman Institute: Ivana Schnur, MD/PhD shares her own incredible journey to medicine; from growing up in the Eastern bloc in Czechoslovakia, moving to the US to become a doctor, to recovering from a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed, and understanding the potential of virtual reality in medicine.

April 07, 2021 | News

Making sense of healthcare chatbots

San Francisco startup, Sensely, is bringing the love by using AI and digital nurses to make clinical conversations more understanding and empathetic.

March 19, 2021 | Insights

5 Ways to Build a Better ‘Bot

While AI is an incredibly powerful problem-solving tool, we’re still a long way from the talkative, genuinely intelligent AI personalities that many of us grew up dreaming about.

January 06, 2021 | Insights

The bot will see you now

Using natural-language processing and speech recognition technologies, startups are now creating chat-bots and other apps that can, to a remarkable extent, accurately replicate the experience of chatting with a receptionist or nurse.

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