A platform for everyone in healthcare.

Sensely was designed to extend the clinical reach of real doctor’s and nurses, and mitigate the unnecessary and expensive time patients spend in the clinician’s office. Not only that, but payers see an increase in efficiency in claims. Learn more about how every player in healthcare benefits from Sensely’s automated platform.


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Easy Follow-up

Clinicians use Sensely to administer a follow-up care plan upon the patient’s discharge from the medical care facility.

  • Discharge instructions stored on patient mobile device
  • Accessible 24/7
  • Basic health education regarding patient condition included
  • Easy sign up via Sensely kiosk.

Providers use Sensely’s clinician portal to collect and monitor patient data in real-time.

  • Stratifies patient risk for re-admission
  • Alerts clinician of high risk behavior or vitals results
  • Customizable platform for any patient condition

Clinicians use the telemedicine feature to follow up with patients over the phone, and adjust the treatment protocol as necessary.

  • Telemedicine platform built-in
  • Adjust treatment protocol within seconds
  • Completely manage patient schedule


Easy to Use

Caring + Supportive

Available Anywhere

Once the patient is discharged by their clinician, they are conveniently enrolled into Sensely’s mobile app.

  • One-step enrollment process
  • Clean, simple and user-friendly interface
  • Alerts keep patients on track
  • Easy sign up via Sensely kiosk.

Molly is available whenever the patient needs assistance, for anything from video conferencing, assessments, and exercises to simply a listening ear.

  • Constant recovery companion
  • Caring, supportive, and empathetic demeanor
  • Connector between clinician and patient

Finally, health care is available anywhere, anytime, allowing patients to stop being patients, and get back to enjoying life.

  • Mobile based app
  • Desktop version available





Sensely closely monitors subscribers following discharge.

  • Digital paper trail
  • Complete documentation of care

Sensely is a robust and efficient health care management system.

  • Collects and analyzes patient data
  • Alerts clinician of high risk behavior or vitals results
  • Proactively reduces re-admission rates

Sensely maximizes clinician efficiency through its virtual nurse avatar.

  • Cuts costs by reducing office visits
  • Reimbursement of payers through eduction of re-admission rates
  • High standard of care always maintained